The Mobile stone is dedicated to providing the highest quality in the shapening and restoration of professional and residential cutlery, and scissors. We utilze a wet stone system that only takes away the amount of steel neccessary to creates a new edge.  Other Sharpening services utilize a belt grinders that takes away more metal than is required to obtain a sharp endge leaving you with a knife that losses its correct shape and angle.  From stainless steel, carbon and ceramic knives, we can sharpen, reshape,​ and restore the correct geometry of your blades prolonging the life and usefulness of your tools.​​  We provide customers with different blade edge options to suit their needs based on 

          *The manufactures specifications

          *The type of material and strength of your tools

          *The intended use of your blades.



Monday - Friday

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.


Appointments Available for your convenience 



Owner/ Sharpener

Thomas Richards

Since the day I as old enough to hold a knife, my passion has always been cooking.  I have worked in the Food Service and Hospitality industry for the past thirty years and have always taken pride in maintaining my own personal cutlery.  As a Working Chef, your knives are your tools of the trade.  There is nothing more enjoyable than working with a well sharpened blade, it makes the whole process of preparing a meal for friends and family effortless.  I've always heard that if you can incorperate what you love into what you do for a living, life is so much more enjoyable.   I am proud and excited to begin offering the Carolinas a quality sharping service that will ensure your tools are performing even better than when they were new. 



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